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3 Things That Will Delay Your Personal Injury Settlement

Posted by Rhino Legal Finance on Apr 18, 2017 12:56:19 PM

3 Things That Will Delay Your Personal Injury Settlement

In a perfect world, those dealing with an injury from a car accident would make a claim and receive a settlement promptly. Realistically, however, it takes quite a long time for cases to settle due to uncontrollable circumstances.

3 Things That Will Prolong Your Personal Injury Case

Individuals injured in a motor vehicle accident often need their settlement money to help pay for necessities such as housing, food, transportation, etc. as their injuries may prevent them from working at their regular job. If this is you, unfortunately, there are some situations that can further delay your settlement, making the wait longer and often putting you in a dire financial situation.

1) Maximum medical improvement: Your claim can't be settled until your health has improved or stabilized. This is referred to as reaching “maximum medical improvement." When the value of your claim is being estimated, two aspects will be considered: the duration of your injury and the extent of any permanent physical damage. Therefore, you must wait until your condition has stabilized for your lawyer to properly assess the total value of your claim.

2) Factual issues with the case: Everyone knows there are two sides to every story—even your personal injury claim. If your injury was sustained in a motor vehicle accident involving another driver, liability might be a problem if both stories are different. Even though it may seem obvious to you, the legal system will need to investigate thoroughly. The nature of the accident and the injury itself (a pre-existing injury for example) may bring additional questions to light, which can cause delays until an agreement can be reached. 

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3) The amount of money requested: The last factor that can delay your settlement is if your case involves significant damages. Insurance companies won't hand over a large sum of money without first investigating and doing their due diligence. An insurer will not be prepared to settle until they are convinced they don't have a good defense for the case, your injuries are significant, and your testimony is credible.

Quickly receiving a settlement would be ideal for individuals injured in a motor vehicle accident. As this is almost never the case, you must be prepared for the long haul. Rhino Legal Finance can help with your financial situation through flexible and affordable financing options.


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