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Concussion Awareness: How to Protect Your Children

Posted by Rhino Legal Finance on Nov 21, 2017 8:35:00 AM

Concussion Awareness: How to Protect Your Children

One moment everything is fine, but the next it isn't. Your child is lying flat on the ground, and his skateboard is slowly rolling away. It's only then that you realize he wasn't wearing a helmet. You rush over to find he isn't unconsciousness, but you saw his head hit the ground hard. Now, what do you do?

In a fall like that, the brain can be shaken around within the skull, causing a concussion. It's not only skateboarding that can cause one. Car accidents, ATV wrecks, sports-related accidents, and falls from a bike are all culprits. Roughly 500,000 kids a year visit an emergency room for traumatic brain injuries. Among adolescents, they are the largest cause of emergency room visits. Concussion awareness matters and it may help your kids play safe.

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What to do Following a Concussion

If you believe your child has suffered a concussion, you should take them to the hospital. After the incident, they may start experiencing symptoms. Common symptoms of concussions include headaches, fatigue, blurry vision, nausea, dizziness, or sensitivity to light. You may also notice some behavioural changes that aren't normal for your child.

Following a visit to the doctor, remind your child they need to take it slow and enforce this rule. After a concussion, the brain needs time to heal, and your child shouldn't return to activities unless they are symptom-free. Activities that require a lot of concentration like studying or watching a screen can make matters worse. Rest is the best medicine they can have.

How to Protect Your Children from Concussions

Compared to adults, children take much longer to recover from a concussion. Children with one are also at a higher risk for a second if the injury happens soon after the first. It doesn't take much to receive a second concussion; a lesser impact than the first will cause one. A full recovery after the incident will help prevent future concussions and cumulative damage.

Safe Playing Equals Safe Kids

The best way to protect your kids is to make sure they have the proper safety equipment for any activity they're participating in. A helmet should be worn every single time they are riding a bike, skating, skiing, or skateboarding. They should wear proper sports equipment, too, when playing sports.

Concussions are a serious injury in children, not just football players, and need to be prevented as best as possible. Make sure helmets are always worn, and their brain will stay protected.

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