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How Can Working With Rhino Legal Finance Benefit Your Law Firm?

Posted by Rhino Legal Finance on May 9, 2017 8:44:00 AM

How Can Working With Rhino Legal Finance Benefit Your Law Firm?

Rhino Legal Finance isn’t like other lending companies. Others try to find loopholes, hide fees or information, are unhelpful, etc. Rhino is different—our interactions and policies are different. While we are the better choice lending company for clients, we are for lawyers, too.

Advantages of Working with Rhino Legal Finance

We know how great our company is and want you to know it too. Here are a few reasons why working with Rhino is in your best interests:

1) We save time and give you more: Working with Rhino will both save you time and buy you time. We know, as a lawyer, it is highly valuable, so we want to take as little as possible of it. With that in mind, we try and do as much as we can without your help. Rhino will assist your client with filling out our application form, so you don’t need to. After it is completed, we will only need to have a quick chat with you to confirm the details.

As for buying you time, our immediate lump sum pre-settlement loans available to your client give you more time to work with their case. With this lawsuit settlement loan, your client will not be pressured to settle early because they are not feeling the financial strain of their lawsuit. Therefore, our loans will give you additional time to negotiate a higher settlement for your client.

2) We lend conservatively: We understand you are concerned the client can borrow so much that settling the case becomes a challenge. Other financial lending companies may not truly care about clients and lend too much, too often, and too early during the course of their claim. Borrowing too much can be detrimental to clients and can lead to more financial distress after the case has been settled. That is why conservative lending for a lawsuit settlement is so critical.

Our core principle is to lend the appropriate amount, for the right reasons, at the right time, assisting clients with their most important financial needs. Our average loan size is under $3500. These principles manage risk and significantly reduce the amount owing at the time of settlement.

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Rhino Legal Finance is a lending company that cares about your client. When you work with us, we will save you time and lend conservatively, helping you and your client achieve the best possible outcome at settlement

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