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How Soon Should Sufferers Go Back to Work After a Personal Injury Accident?

Posted by Rhino Legal Finance on Jun 13, 2017 9:33:00 AM

How Soon Should Sufferers Go Back to Work After a Personal Injury Accident?

Going back to work can be an enticing option for personal injury sufferers, especially if they are starting to feel some financial strain from being unable to work. This financial pressure can make individuals go back to the office before they are truly ready. When is it ok to go back to work, though? How soon can you expect to be sitting back at your desk?

Experts Know Best

When it comes to these questions, the person you should be asking is your doctor. Once the severity of your injuries has been considered, along with the progress of your treatment, your doctor will be able to give you a rough timeline of when you'll be able to return. If you choose to ignore doctor's orders and rush back to work, your symptoms and injuries can worsen, and it will take you longer to make a full recovery. Sometimes judgment can be a factor, and people worry about what others think about them if they don't return soon. However, if you return too quickly, you may not be able to perform your duties properly, and you may be putting your coworkers at risk. Therefore, it's key to wait for your doctor's green light.

Will Returning to Work Influence Your Settlement Case?

One myth that needs to be squashed is the notion that an individual's personal injury case is over or ruined if they go back to work. This situation is not true. A plaintiff in a personal injury case has a duty to mitigate their damages, meaning they must take reasonable steps to reduce their losses. If a plaintiff misses an unreasonable amount of work when they shouldn't be, it can hurt their claim. Going back to work demonstrates a good work ethic to the court.

Just because you are returning to work doesn't mean you've made a full recovery. When people do return, they often put all their energy into their job to make up for the time they missed. Doing so can cause greater fatigue and other aspects of your life to suffer. It's important to listen to your body and slow down when you feel you must.

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