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Cycle for road conditions: Know the Risks of Riding a Bike

Posted by Rhino Legal Finance on Oct 17, 2017 9:27:00 AM

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Biking is a much cheaper mode of transportation. You don't have to pay for gas or insurance, and it's good for your health. And biking helps you squeeze activity into your busy schedule as long as you practice safe cycling.

There are several enticing reasons to hop on a bike, but before you do, you need to be aware of the risks and liabilities that come with this mode of transportation. Whether biking on the road or sidewalk, you'll have to watch for many potentially harmful things. Here's what you should know before you go.

Risks of Riding a Bike

  • Riding in wet conditions: Rain and light snowfall make for some less than ideal conditions for bikers because bike tires can easily lose their grip. Before the oil residue from vehicles is washed away, a slick film is created on the road. When riding in the rain or snow, you need your tires to have as much grip as possible to avoid an injury.
  • Road kill: This driving hazard applies to cyclists, too. You may feel bad for them, but they need to be avoided, so you don't suffer road rash. To avoid them, make sure you're looking far ahead—about 20 yards—and not at passing scenery.
  • Poor road quality: Potholes and cracks aren't a biker's best friend. If they catch you unaware, serious damage can be done to both you and your bike. Tires can easily get stuck in cracks and pop, and potholes can send you face first into the pavement.
  • Other vehicles: Cars and trucks are the biggest risk to cyclists; a collision with one of them can be fatal. Many accidents happen at intersections where drivers fail to yield or violate the cyclist's right of way. Lane changing is also a dangerous moment.

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Liabilities of Riding a Bike

In Canada, biking accounts for 10% of head injury hospitalizations in kids. For all age groups, there are three deaths for cycling per 100 million kilometers traveled. Biking injuries can be serious and can have permanent effects.

What's good to know is that cyclists have the same legal rights as drivers. However, they have to follow the same rules of the road. If a cyclist gets injured in an accident, they have the same access to the insurance claims process and legal system. You would have to file a bike accident claim with the driver's insurance company. They also can get help from Rhino Legal Finance for their injury.

Biking is beneficial but still has its risks. If you're hurt in a bicycle accident, contact Rhino Legal Finance for financial help. Remeber to ride smart and ride safe.

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