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The Risks of Driving Without Insurance

Posted by Rhino Legal Finance on Jun 20, 2017 10:09:00 AM

The Risks of Driving Without Insurance

In Canada, no matter what province you live in, it's mandatory by law to have insurance on your vehicle if you are driving it on the road. Insurance is handled differently in each province. In some cases it's run by the government, in others, it's only regulated by them. Despite the way it's handled, the law is unwavering. If you are caught driving without insurance in this country, you will be fined.

You've Been Stopped Without Insurance. Now What?

If you've been stopped and are driving without insurance, you will receive some hefty fines. In many cases, people just forget. Policy dates come and go, and your insurance may have lapsed by accident. In other instances, operating a vehicle without insurance is purposeful.

If you can't show a police officer your insurance document when you get stopped, you can be charged with three different offenses. The first fine you can get is the obvious one—driving without insurance. The next one is failing to produce an insurance document, and the last one is failing to display the yearly decal or sticker on your license plate. When you add up the total of these three fines, it will make your head spin.

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance

As with insurance, the fines for each of these offenses also vary by province. If you are fined in B.C., you can expect your payment to be roughly $600 for a first-time offense. If you are caught in Alberta, the fine totals jump; expect to pay $2,875 in this province. If you have been caught driving without insurance in Ontario, you'll be looking at a minimum payment of $5,000, along with a 25% victim fine surcharge, which adds another $1,200 to your total. If you are caught without insurance a second time, these fine amounts will be even greater. Police officers can also impound your vehicle or suspend your license too, which will only add to your costs.

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If you are currently driving without insurance in Canada, you are breaking the law. If you have forgotten to renew and pay your auto insurance policy, you better do so quickly before you are stopped. Once stopped by an officer of the law, you can receive three different tickets and pay a lot in fines. Don't ignore this important rule. Buy your insurance now, or pay dearly later.


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