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What Can Lawyers Do to Assist Personal Injury Clients?

Posted by Rhino Legal Finance on May 30, 2017 9:23:00 AM

What Can Lawyers Do to Assist Personal Injury Clients?

When you have clients who are having a difficult time,—not only with their injury but with its resulting effects—wanting to help them get back on their feet is normal. Their story and situation can sometimes pull the heartstrings a bit, which can cause lawyers to go above and beyond what is required of them. In these cases, you can provide your client with several resources or point them in the direction to some that would make their difficult time a lot more manageable.

As they are waiting for their case to settle, your client may be experiencing financial hardships due to their inability to work because of their injuries. This lack of funds can stress them out further as eviction, rent, and bills loom over their head. These worries would obviously distract them from their case. It is key to remind them that these problems are not long-term and can improve immediately with the right help. As they may be focused on their problems, point them towards possible solutions. If they are strapped for cash, maybe they can borrow from a family member or friend. A loan from the bank is another option or establishing a line of credit. If those avenues are not possible, they can quickly receive personal injury financing through a lender like Rhino Legal Finance. 

Why Should Clients Obtain Personal Injury Financing through Rhino Legal Finance?

Personal injury financing solutions are developed to reduce the cost of personal injury financing significantly, especially if the case is moving at a slower than anticipated speed, assist individuals with moving on from the accident, and give you more time to work on their settlement.

Rhino Legal Finance offers several financing options for anyone who has obtained injuries from a motor vehicle accident or a slip and fall. We offer immediate lump sum pre-settlement loans to help clients alleviate their financial burdens and pay off existing debts. If your client requires a monthly cash flow instead of a lump sum loan, we have a monthly income support program, which can meet their needs while reducing borrowing costs. We also offer treatment financing programs for plaintiffs and lawyers where we can direct funds to the appropriate treatment provider on behalf of the client each month. In the event that a treatment loan is received, you are not a guarantor for the loan if the claim is not successful. 

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Rhino Legal Finance has a fast and easy application process that requires very little from the lawyer. We help the client fill out the application form and contact you briefly to confirm the facts of the case. We can wash away the financial worries of your client with pre-settlement loans being received in as little as four hours. To apply for a loan, we do not require proof of income, review past credit history, or request monthly payments while the case is being settled. We are firm believers of conservative lending and borrow on average $3500 to a client. If your client is experiencing financial problems, the team at Rhino Legal Finance can ease their worries and bring them piece of mind.

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The settlement loan application process is fast and simple. You can get a loan to finance your personal injury claim in as little as 4 hours.
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