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What Protects You From Uninsured Drivers?

Posted by Rhino Legal Finance on Jun 27, 2017 11:47:00 AM

What Protects You From Uninsured Drivers?

In the aftermath of an accident, you need to consult with the other driver and exchange key information. Before you leave the scene, you should have their license information, license plate number, and insurance details. What do you do when you ask for their proof of insurance, and they say "Oh, I don't have that."

In Canada, it's illegal to operate a motor vehicle without having a road-worthy insurance policy in place. If you're caught without one, you'll receive a hefty fine. When you get in an accident with an uninsured motorist, it can catch you off guard. What happens to the damages to your vehicle? How are you protected if you sustain injuries?

Protecting Motorists in Alberta

If you're an Alberta resident, the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Program (MVAC), run by the Justice Department of Alberta, will protect you. The goal of the program is to protect victims injured by unknown or uninsured motorists by ensuring they have a place where they can sue and receive compensation for their personal injuries. Under the MVAC program, the maximum combined payment for all the victims of an accident is $200,000. If there are more than one claimant, they will receive a portion of the $200,000 maximum.

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Protecting Drivers in Ontario

Under the Ontario Insurance Act, it is mandatory for every driver to have uninsured coverage. This section 265 rule means every single insurance policy sold in the province must have a section that covers injuries inflicted by uninsured and unidentified drivers. If you are injured by either one of these two drivers, your auto insurance company steps into the shoes of the other party and pays you an amount for your injuries. However, this number is limited to $200,000 like in Alberta.

If you weren't the victim of a hit and run and have the details/contact information of the uninsured driver, there is always the option of suing them to compensate for your losses and injuries. The at-fault driver's insurance company would usually cover the costs of defence while in court, along with the settlement. Since an insurance company isn't in the picture, all those costs would be incurred by the uninsured motorist.  

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